Our initial Private Session is an opportunity for you to step out of your often repetitive day to day life and open the door to a deeper connection with your Self and your Spiritual Guide.

Using my own psychic abilities and my connection with my Spiritual Guide Anna, we will explore whatever is needed for you at this time in your life. On our journey together you will uncover hidden aspects of yourself and realize the source of much of your stress, frustration, fear and repetitive cycles of trauma and loss.

Our initial session is designed to serve as a foundation to build upon. The insights, connection and tools you gain can be applied in your everyday life.

The intention of our initial Session is to begin to establish boundaries on all levels:

Physical – Become more grounded and connected to your body. Have a better sense of when your body is not in balance and how to bring it back into balance.

Mental – Experience more focus and ability to do the work you are here to do, in a more efficient and fulfilling way.

Emotional – Develop a healthier relationship with your feelings, protect yourself from outside influences and cope better under pressure.

Spiritual – Learn about your sacred abilities and how to use them in everyday life, establishing and honoring spiritual boundaries.

The following are some other aspects & benefits of a Private Session:

  • The session is recorded so that you can continue to gain insights from our discussion after it ends.
  • During the session I provide evaluation and feedback based on our interaction in order to help you determine appropriate next-steps, if desired.
  • Sessions are available in-person and via Skype.
  • The Session is 1 hour in length.
  • Discover and connect with Spiritual Guides.
  • Find and Strengthen Spiritual Abilities.
  • Go through aspects of your life that is needed right now.
  • Connect with the heart, core, or center of one’s Self.
  • Sustain energy, even in difficult situations.
  • Find and release energetic blockages and past traumas.

FEE: $250 USD