How do you work?
I Connect with my spiritual guide, Anna and the client’s spiritual guide and we form a group connection. I begin to feel and know where or in what way to begin the session. Anna tells me where to start and why it is important to start there. This is often an area of the Client’s life where stress, resistance, fears & insecurities need to be released in order to move forward with the session. This helps establish trust and creates a harmonious balance between everyone involved.

Do I need to prepare in any way?
Yes and No – it can help to sit down the day before the scheduled session and with a pen and paper and just write out what you want, need or are looking for in your life, if there is anything you want to change or if you have questions. Simply put these down, then take a deep breath and decide that everything is going to be ok.

Who or what is Anna?
Anna is my Spiritual Guide. She is a voice for a group of spirits that guide and support my work. In a session with a spiritual channel I was told to ask for a name, and the simple name “Anna” came through. This was my grandmother’s name and so I immediately trusted the name and stayed connected to it.

Is it for everyone to have a session with you and Anna?
No, a session is not for everyone. Most clients are looking for clarity about their life or have questions about a specific area of their life. They wish to develop the courage to change or transform their circumstances. They are sensitive yet have a basic ability to be grounded, conscious etc. Some people have extreme anxiety or fears and therefore a session with me will not be in their best interest. In these cases it is suggested that people consult with a medical doctor or therapist.

What are people looking for when they contact you?
People are looking for answers to get more clarity in their life in general or a specific area. They have a feeling that Spirit can help them get those answers. They may have had intuitive feelings or even dreams that someone in spirit is with them and guiding them but they are not able to connect directly and looking for people like me that can communicate with spirit and confirmation

How long is the session?
Sessions last one hour

Is our work based on any religion or belief?
No, it is not based on any religion yet this work can deepen your connection with your faith if that is what is desired. As my spiritual guide Anna has firmly stated to me, “Inga, you work with people from all races and religions, the person that comes to you for support is the most important thing.