I thought I had a good life,

I thought I was doing everything that was needed

to have everything perfect in my life,

I thought I was on the right track,

I thought I had everything under control.

I had taken all the seminars, or so I thought,

I had done all the internal work, or that is how I felt,

I really felt I loved myself,  that is what I told myself.

Until one day, everything stood still, the world just totally stopped.


bioOn September 2011, I was in Copenhagen, Denmark, going to a conference with a friend. I thought everything was fantastic and I was living the life of a successful woman. On our first day in this big city, we went shopping for groceries to have for breakfast and more. On my way out of the shop, I was still that confident woman, I fell to the floor, a hard stone floor, and while I was falling, it felt like a very long time. I heard this voice in my head. Inga! When are you going to listen? And I thought ohhh shit!

Did this really have to happen so I would start listening? And then I was on the floor. The pain was unbeliveable. I was disorientated, crying, screaming and just lying there. I could not do anything else. This was one hell of a horrible moment! I had never in my life felt so weak with no control over my life, just totally under the control of the circumstances  I had put myself into.

Then this happened…Lying there in my pain, I heard the voice again, Inga! I am here for you. I felt a rush of energy going through my body. My mind was totally clear. I ASKED, Who are you? The voice answered, I am AnnA your Spiritual Guide. There was just silence in my mind, nothing at all, but I was so touched.

My heart was aching, hurting in a way I had never felt before, and that pain was bigger and stronger than the pain in my broken bones. There I was! This strong woman, totally broken with my Ego humiliated, because I did not listen.

And what or whom did I not listen too? I did not listen to my Spiritual Guidance, I did not listen to my Heart, I did not want to hear why I am really here on this Earth, What I am called to do in this lifetime.

Why didn‘t I listen? I was afraid; scared shitless, I did not believe that I deserved to have a Spiritual Guide, I had allowed my Ego mind to be in charge, I did not want to be different, I wanted to be like that normal person next door.

I decided to do something about this. First I said to AnnA, “please help me to get home to heal in the best way possible, as I just knew that I my injuries were bad. She said, Inga, I will do everything for you. You just need to ASK. Ok! I said. This is what I want. I want to get home easily, I will get all the help I need in the hospital, I will get fantastic service, my operation will be a great success, my healing process will be smooth and easy.

My promise is…

I am listening to you AnnA, my Spiritual Guide.

I am following your guidance.

I am fulfilling my life‘s purpose.

Everything I wanted was fulfilled and I mean EVERYTHING!


I am walking my path,

Holding hands with my AnnA  every step of the way.

All my dreams are coming true, I just need too ASK.

Everything that is good and perfect comes my way  without any effort or struggle.

I am totally living my dream life.

I am telling you this story, because I have been told by my Spiritual Guide AnnA that my life

experience  can guide you on your path.  Making you more confident, stronger and so much easier

for you to take decisions and it does not matter how big or how small that decision is

AnnA and I  together can guide you/teach you to walk hand in hand with YOUR Spiritual Guide.